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We are living during an extremely dynamic time - the break down, break through period of conscious evolution!  Now, more than ever, we are being guided to turn within, take responsibility for past actions, awaken to who and what we truly are, activate  higher ground in how we perceive and respond to life, and reclaim our freedom.  This new course will provide you with the tools you need to navigate life during these times of great change. Class will meet live on zoom once a month and provide you with a blueprint for living your Soul's purpose and accessing your heart knowing.  Through the application of Spiritual Psychology, yoga, meditation and awareness training you will learn how to release judgement, the inner critic, victim-hood consciousness, and ancestral patterns of limited beliefs that are keeping you from fully engaging with your true life path.  This course answers the questions: how do I thrive in a world that is crumbling down?  How can I serve and be part of the solution?  How do I live from my joy and radiant health and well-being?  How do I feel the love that I am?  How can I bring more meaning and contribution into my life?  How do I live from my Soul's wisdom? 


We all must learn how to live from our Heart and Soul Centered Awareness.  There is no more tomorrow.  Tomorrow has arrived and the time to take action is upon us.  This course is about activating your life-force and living in accordance with your Higher Self.  Contact me to find out more!!!!

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The time has come to rise up and address the areas of our minds and bodies that are not in alignment with our Soul's Purpose for being alive!  This time in global history is the dawning of the Age of Awareness.  And that starts within our own Self.   Foundations of Spiritual Psychology I is a progressive, 6-month intensive that gives students a life-enhancing opportunity to explore their inner terrain using  Spiritual Psychology principles and skills.  Participants gain valuable, real- life tools that help to transform ego-based living into Soul referenced reality.  Students learn how to:  come into loving resonance with who they are, recognize the Light within themselves and others, communicate more consciously and effectively, release old patterns of judgement, shift out of the negative mind, and navigate life with more grace, joy, abundance and authenticity.  And most importantly, graduates of this intensive will begin the process of residing in their natural and pure state of Loving as a regular response to life!  Class meets one weekend per month beginning January and completing in June.   Facilitators for this program are:  Siddiqa Salter and Maria Ashirah

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The definition of rewilding is to return land back to its natural and pure state or to reintroduce animals back to their natural habitat. As humans, we have evolved from living slow, nature-based, rhythmic lives to becoming fast paced, industrialized, technology-driven people. The rewilding of humans is not about returning to our former hunter-gatherer ways but about re-establishing connectivity to the natural world. Humans are not thinking machines but intuitive, organic companions to nature and Her cosmic ways. Participants of the Nature Medicine and Human Rewilding Program will learn: intuitive practices for awakening inner knowing, animism and how it impacts the truth of life, ancestral skills and Shamanic healing practices, spiritual aromatherapy, how to form intimate bonds with the plants and trees, how to reclaim the expansive nature of the mind and release fear, worry and doubt, and how to re-establish authentic movement in the body temple. This is a seasonal course of study, that begins in  June and completes next March. There are 4 weekend intensives that meet with the seasons and one Skype call a month between weekend classes. Much of the classroom study is experienced outside, in protected natural settings, where nature entrainment takes place and the experience of rewilding can occur. Facilitators of this program are: Siddiqa Salter and Marianne Mitchell.


This 28 day series is an antidote to feeling more centered and balanced during uncertain times.  Each day you receive a 15-20 minute meditation and energetic attunement that will calm your nerves, uplift your frequency and assist you in taking dominion over your emotional and mental responses.  The cost for this series is $46. You can register at any time for this meditation series.  Email or text me if you have any questions.

You may venmo me at:  Siddiqa Salter@siddiqa-salter

Or you can contact me with your credit card information.


Founders Note:  The Institute of Loving is not an island, nor is it the single manifestation of its Founding Director, Siddiqa Salter.  Without the following teachers heartfelt guidance and tutelage, the Institute of Loving would not exist today - enormous thanksgiving goes out to:   Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick of the University of Santa Monica; Barry Kapp, Audre Guitierrez and Cyntihia Olivera of Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils; Reverend Michael Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center; Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan and Telema Hess of the Sufi Order; Bobbi Tighe of the former Main Line Yoga; Maureen Malone and Toni Lo Mastro of the Philadelphia Rebirthing Center; Greg Lynn of the Peace Weavers;  Gurmukh, Sada Sat Singh and Sada Sat Kaur of  Kundalini Yoga; and this precious planet we call home - Mother Earth. 

Which program is for me?

Foundations of Spiritual Psychology I is a personal growth program that teaches valuable skills and practices to improve our personal lives, careers, communication effectiveness and how joyfully we respond to life.  Spiritual Psychology principles benefit psychotherapists, counselors, life coaches, massage therapists, energy workers, yoga and fitness instructors, teachers, managers, executives, health care practitioners,  and those interested in improving their relationship with themselves and others.  This course of study will bring you more into your Light body and will guide you into living more from your Soul line while having more compassion for yourself and others when coming from the ego line.  It is truly a gift of grace and knowledge that will quite literally change your life.  It is a foundational must for anyone committed to bringing more Light and Loving into the world and for all interested in healing consciousness.

Nature Medicine and Human Rewilding is for people desiring a more intimate and profound relationship with the natural world.  This program helps to re-establish your connectivity with your body, your intuition, the plant and tree kingdom, ancestral knowledge, Shamanic practices, and your life force.  Nature Medicine and Human Rewilding will benefit anyone feeling disconnected, like they don't belong, different from those who live in the 'box', in need of sourcing from something bigger and more expansive than one's self and all Mother Earth lovers.  This is an exquisitely beautiful course of study that attunes you to the cosmic rhythms of life and ignites your juicy, alive, joy-filled, peaceful true self.  

Program Facilitators

siddiqa salter

Siddiqa Salter

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Maria I. Ashirah

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Cynthia Olivera

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Marianne Mitchell

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Additional Healing Arts Practitioners

If you would like to book a session with one of the Healing Arts Practitioners who see clients out of the Institute of Loving, please contact them directly.


Jonathan Godfrey

Radical Aliveness and
Core Energetics Practitioner


Nicole Levin, LCSW, CYT

Psychotherapy for Individuals,
Couples and Family
Private and Group Yoga Classes

Jade Groff, CNM, LMT

Holistic Pelvic Care including Arvigo Therapy
Plant Medicine Flower Essence Therapy
Pelvic Floor Yoga

Zofia Hausman

Sacred Steam Founder and Pelvic Steam Facilitator

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