eARTH Medicine and Human Rewilding Program


Mother Nature has been patiently waiting for you! 

She is whispering in your ear, "Beloved child of mine, don't go back to sleep!  Sit at my feet and I will show you the way.  Let me wrap my branches around you and reconnect you to my Source.  Lean into me dear one, and I will gently wear down your armor so you can return to your birthright.  Take this journey with me, my sweet and let me help you to crack open and claim your Divinity!"

Personal Awareness Program

In this  seasonal course-of-study you will:

  •  Re-establish a solid connection to Mother Earth
  •  Develop an awareness of cosmic rhythm and understand how it effects you 
  •  Learn powerful Earth wisdom practices
  •  Release fear of Nature and become comfortable outside
  •  Learn ancestral ways of tuning in and receiving guidance
  •  Improve your intuitive faculties
  •  Explore Spiritual Aromatherapy and receive plant essence healings
  •  Discover your ability to communicate with the natural world
  •  Learn how to work with the elemental beings
  •  Understand Animism and its significant impact on your life
  •  Participate in sacred ceremony and ritual
  •  Meditate with nature
  •  Experience the healing capacity of  ancient breathing techniques
  •  Come into Divine partnership and reciprocity with Creation
  •  Use holy movement to unlock patterns of trauma, pain, or weakness of the body
  •  Unleash your wild Self back into your life with joy, creativity and humility


There are 4 weekend intensives that meet with the seasons. 

Hours are Friday 7pm-9:30pm; Saturday 10am-7pm; and Sunday 10am-4:30pm.


June 19-21, 2020 - Accepting the Gifts of Summer Solstice - - course begins!

September 11-13, 2020 -  Harvesting Autumn's Wisdom

December 4-6, 2020 - Preparing for Winter's Grace

March 19-21, 2021 - Spring Equinox Renewal - finding completions in the beginnings - - course ends.

Between Weekend Intensives, there is one Zoom call a month, lasting approximately 75 minutes.





NOTE: This is a  seasonal program.  All students must enroll in the full course and are encouraged to attend all scheduled classes.  We understand that planned life events or illness will sometimes get in the way of attendance and  the intention is that all participants attend as much of the course as possible.


Tuition is based on the entire program.  All students are responsible for the entire tuition regardless of attendance. 

Cost of Program:  $2,592.

Pay in Full Discount:  $2,339

Enrollment is open now for our June start date.  

There is a partial scholarship available for one Soul who genuinely needs it.  Call Siddiqa, 484-542-5547 to inquire about this.


Upcoming Earth Medicine and Human Rewilding Program Classes

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