Mother Nature has been patiently waiting for you! 

She is whispering in your ear, "Beloved child of mine, don't go back to sleep!  Sit at my feet and I will show you the way.  Let me wrap my branches around you and reconnect you to my Source. "


"Lean into me dear one, and I will gently wear down your armor so you can remember your birthright.  You are the answer you have been waiting for!"


"Take this journey with me, my precious One and let me help you to remove the outer shell and claim your Divinity!"

Wisdom series

In this 2 part, online course-of-study you will:

  •  Work with 6 unusual essential oils that are pivotal natural medicine guides for you at this time
  •  Learn about and experience their energetic and Light codes
  •  Receive powerful healing protocols for virus protection and immune health  
  •  Download new messages from the Plant and Tree Kingdom that you need to hear now 
  •  Receive personalized instruction and attention from a master teacher
  •  Tap into your intuitive knowing via the guidance of the plant devas
  •  Learn new anointing techniques to uplift your vibration 
  •  Activate your ability to cultivate High Magic
  •  Experience energetic upgrades and higher frequency atunements available from our Plant and Tree Teachers 
  •  Gain confidence in what, why and when to use these 6 powerful essential oils

Wisdom of the Earth Required Essential Oils for this class are: 

Part 1:  Artemesia Annua, Orange Pettigrain and Tamarack

Part 2:  Cedar Leaf, Pennyroyal,  and Thyme Linalool***

  • *** you may purchase these essences prior to the course from Siddiqa or if you already are in possession of these Wisdom of the Earth essences you may utilize them during class.


3 Great Ways to Participate in this class!

Live Zoom class with Siddiqa, Sunday mornings, 9:15am-11:00am eastern time. 


Receive each recorded class direct to your inbox every Sunday and participate privately at your leisure.


Mix and match when you want to show up live for class and when you want to receive the recorded version.

2020 Course Dates:  

Part 1:   October 4, 11, 18

Part 2:  November 1, 8,15







Students are encouraged to attend the live classes but if you cannot or prefer to learn privately, all missed classes will be emailed to you, directly after the live class finishes. 


6 Week Wisdom Series Price:  $295   Tuition must be paid in full by Sept 28, 2020.


Cost of program does not include the mandatory purchase of the 6 essential oils used. 

(If you completed the Wisdom of the Earth's Level 1 and received certification, you will receive your normal discount.)


Part 1 Essence Prices:  Must be ordered by 9/28/20 

Artemisia Annua (Sweet Annie) $30

Orange Pettigrain $34

Tamarack $65


Part 2 Essence Prices: Must be ordered by 10/23/20

Cedar Leaf $30

Pennyroyal $27

Thyme Linolool $62



 Siddiqa Salter has been a practicing Medicinal Aromatherapist since 2000.  She is one of Wisdom of the Earth's most senior teachers and has facilitated certification programs in aromatherapy since 2007.  She has been practicing and studying the art  of essential oil medicine with reverence, respect and earnest dedication for 2 decades and has helped hundreds of people find solutions to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues using pure plant essences and earth wisdom teachings.  Siddiqa is well respected in her field and offers students a authentic and carefully constructed educational experience.  She also specializes in:  curriculum and content development, meditation instruction, yogic philosophy, Spiritual Psychology,  consciousness, health and healing principles and practices, energy medicine, breath work studies and sacred anointing wholeness sessions.  She is the founder and director of the Institute of Loving, the former director of the Institute for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, the former owner and director of Main Line Yoga and is an accomplished long-time teacher.   


To Register:  Call.  Text.  Email.  484-542-5547                 




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