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Some brand new meditations for you to use when we can't be togther for the full moon.

For 3 days prior and 3 days post the full moon, the moon heavily influences earth's tides, rain, all water on this planet and within your very own body.  Water directly impacts how you feel and your moods.  Each full moon brings specific energy that greatly affects you.  The moon represents your inner world - how you are inside, your hidden thoughts, your fears, your dreams and your ability to be vulnerable.  The sun represents your outside world -  your persona, what you identify with, and how you shine your light into the world.   During a full moon, the moon sits opposite the sun in the sky and also in our zodiac.  This opposition creates a polarity that we, here on earth, experience as contrast and a magnificnet growth opportunity.  It is easy to get knocked off balance when great contrast appears, hence why full moon meditiations are important to do each month.  

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Sunday, March 28th


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Sun in Aries Full Moon in Libra Meditation

This full moon occurs at 2:49pm on 3/28/21.  The polarity that Aries and Libra offer is between self and other - about finding balance between how we take care of ourselves and how we tend to others.  Am I in my personal integrity with how I am interacting with others?  Am I bringing Grace into my relationships, not only with others but in how I interact within myself?  Where is the line of balance for output and inner focus?  

Libra energy invites balance and restoring the equilibrum within our homes and communities.  It asks us to align with the spirit of cooperation and collaboration.

Essential Oil used for March 28th full moon:  FRAGONIA

Fragonia is one of the most chemically balance essential oils that has been tested.  It is the bringer of harmony.  The activator or inner and outer balance.  Fragonia is a flowering bush native to Australia and is supportive in:  relieving  muscle and joint pain, decreasing congestion, improving respiratory health, releasing stress and anxiety, aides in restful sleep, balances the hormones, helps with moon cycles and generally has an uplifting slightly foral, clearing scent.  This essence is a real Peace teacher.  15ml $46

All essential oils can be purchased ahead of time by texting or emailing Siddiqa.

The moon has held a mystical place in our culture and influenced human behavior since the beginning of time. Each full moon signifies a chance for us to grow, open and pierce the veil between physical and non-physical realities.  The full moon pours tremendous energy on us  and our planet and feelings and thoughts get intensified - amplified.  In its full illumination, sister moon impacts how our bodies feel, how balanced or imbalanced our emotions are, how negative or positive our minds behave and even our spiritual awareness.  For thousands of years people have gathered together to meditate and harness the positive and Light-filled vibrations on offer.  Full moons provide great healing for ourselves and are extraordinary times for sending blessings to others.

The cosmic influences continue to bombard us and require extreme flexibility and adaptability.  We are in for a long haul and attuning to the moon's messages and guidance is wise medicine at this time!   With a little focus and attunement we can ride these seas of change with stability, grace and ever expanding LOVE.

Join SIddiqa and be the mystical co-Creator of Light that you are!


Meditations include:

  •  Pranayama Breathing Exercises
  •  Moon Teachings
  •  Magnificent Mantra Chanting
  •  Essential Oil Support and Wisdom
  •  Sacred Silence
  •  Conscious Community

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