Full Moon Meditation Classes


Full Moon Dates: all meditations 7:30pm-9pm



Sunday March 8th, 4pm-5:30pm

The moon has held a mystical place in our culture and influenced human behavior since the beginning of time. Each full moon signifies a chance for us to grow, open and pierce the veil between physical and non-physical realities.  The full moon pours tremendous energy on us  and our planet and feelings and thoughts get intensified - amplified.  In its full illumination, sister moon impacts how our bodies feel, how balanced or imbalanced our emotions are, how negative or positive our minds behave and even our spiritual awareness.  For thousands of years people have gathered together to meditate and harness the positive and Light-filled vibrations on offer.  Full moons provide great healing for ourselves and are extraordinary times for sending blessings to others.

Moon circles are open to both men and women.  Beginners welcome. 

Cost:  $25 (For those truly in need, pay what you can afford or bring a love donation of vegetables,  vegetarian soup etc.)

Please wear comfortable loose clothing.  Although this is not a yoga class, some movement often accompanies the meditation.  Limited cushions are available but you may want to bring a yoga mat and your own cushion.  There are a few chairs available for those who cannot sit on the ground.   Please eat lightly or not at all before attending.  You will be doing breath work that does not work well with a full belly.

Meditations include:

  •  Kundalini Yoga techniques
  •  Breathing Exercises
  •  Sound Healing through mantra (chanting)
  •  Essential Oil support and wisdom
  •  Sacred Silence
  •  Conscious Community

Full Moon Meditation Location:  16 E. Lancaster Ave., Plaza 16 Building, Ardmore, PA 19003

Upcoming Full Moon Meditation Classes

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