Lighthouse Sessions

One-on-one, wholeness sessions with Siddiqa


Schedule a session with SIddiqa if you are wanting support with:   


  • Spiritual Psychology Counseling  
  • Stress relief and coping techniques  
  • Shifting your perspective to a higher ground 
  • Freeing yourself from unnecessary suffering  
  • Accessing your Loving and feeling more joy  
  • Essential oil consultation and personalized essence protocols for specific issues  
  • Guided meditation to facilitate whatever it is your body and mind most need  
  • Creating a sacred ceremony or ritual  
  • Accountability and taking responsibility for your life  
  • A big life decision you desire clarity around


The intention behind these healing sessions are to support you in stepping into the Light that you already are!  

Siddiqa, holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, Consciousness, Health and Healing.  She uses this therapeutic tool along with applications of yogic philosophy, meditation, energy medicine and medicinal aromatherapy, to lovingly guide you into an expanded state, where you are able to access the wisdom and intuitive abilities within. You will receive heart-centered, focused attention and be invited to work your process so that you access deeper levels of compassion, insight, release from misinterpretations of reality and enter into a deeper state of loving. 

 You can also use these sessions for personalized aromatherapy lessons and receive essential oil protocols to address your individual needs.

Siddiqa will custom tailor each session to fit your needs.  

 Sessions are extremely supportive. You will feel seen, heard and know that you matter.

To Schedule a time NOT listed on the online booking calendar:  Call.  Text.  Email.  484-542-5547

Lighthouse Sessions are 75 minutes and cost $155.      

Upcoming Private Lighthouse Sessions with Siddiqa Classes

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