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a 28 day cycle of meditations, emailed to you daily

Now more than ever, it is our spiritual and social obligation to hold ourselves above the chaotic frequency of the world.  During times of crisis, we as Light-Bearers have the ability to hold in equanimity for ourselves, our loved ones and the world.  This series is an attunement.  It will lift you out of fear, recalibrate you to your potent center of loving and significantly help you navigate these uncertain times.  There are already 40 of us choosing to rise above the mass hysteria and remain in our true power and we are growing strong every day!  Join us!

Cost:  $46

Payment:  venmo me at Siddiqa Salter@siddiqa-salter or contact me with your credit card info.


For questions and to register, email me or text 484 542 5547

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