Schedule a session with SIddiqa if you need assistance with:   

  • Stress relief and coping techniques  
  • Quieting the inner critic
  • Freeing yourself from unnecessary suffering 
  • Healing the wounds of the inner child
  • Shifting your perspective to a higher ground 
  • Feeling loved and supported
  • Developing a stronger relationship with your own Inner Wisdom
  • Accessing your Loving and  experiencing greater joy 

The intention of the Spiritual Psychology Counseling Session is to support you in learning how to work your process so that you can navigate yourself through the ups and downs of life more efficiently and effectively.  Siddiqa assists you in seeing, accepting and healing the places inside that are hurting.  You will learn how to apply love inwardly so that you find greater levels of compassion, wholeness, peace and joy.  

Siddiqa, holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, Consciousness, Health and Healing and has over 20 years of professional experience as a facilitator, guide, coach and healing practitioner.  She has a long standing background in Spiritual Psychology, yoga, meditation, medicinal aromatherapy, energy medicine and spiritual principles and practices.  You will receive heart-centered, focused attention and be invited to work your process so that you access deeper levels of compassion, insight, release from suffering and engage in deeper communion with your Authentic Self. 

Spiritual Psychology Counseling Pricing

In Person: sessions include medicinal aromatherapy centering and anointing if desired

Sessions are 90 minutes:  $175

Package of three 90 minute sessions:  $450  

Zoom Online:  

Sessions are 75 minutes:  $150

Package of three 75 minute sessions:  $400


To Schedule:  Call.  Text.  484-542-5547

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