Fierce Full Moon Meditation at Institute of Loving

Fierce Full Moon Meditation



Each month the full moon brings with it a specific energy that correlates to it's astrology.  

Sometimes the full moon holds an intense energy that can affect us in a very strong way.  We may feel triggered or stuck.   

One of the best things we can do during more challenging full moons is an active meditation. 

This meditation runs 47 minutes and guides you through breathing exercises that will move you from disturbance back to your center.

You will be guided through several yogic breathing techniques and a mantra meditation that is desgined to release unwanted energy and restore your mind and body back to a state of well-being.

This meditaiton is suitable for all levels and does not require extraordinary physical stamina.  However, the more you commit and participate, the more you will experience a wonderful shift in consciousness.

Moon magic is real!  All you have to do is open up and then receive.  So grab a seat, a blanket and some headphones and let's enjoy this firey full moon together!  

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