Additional Healing Arts Practitioners

If you would like to book a session with one of the Healing Arts Practitioners who see clients out of the Institute of Loving, please contact them directly. Their websites are listed below.

Jonathan Godfrey

Radical Aliveness/Core Energetics Practitioner

Jonathan is a body-centered psychotherapy practitioner and Radical Aliveness teacher. He offers private, couple and group process sessions at the Institute of Loving.

Radical Aliveness gives you powerful skills and tools to navigate the challenges of life and live with greater joy and fulfillment. It is both healing and transformational work that gets to the core of an issue and makes lasting changes. This work is experiential in nature and incorporates the body and spirit as well as the mind. It supports you to open up fully to your energy, feelings, truth and gifts so that you can be in authentic connection with yourself, each other and the world.

Jonathan Godfrey, CPRA, CCEP, is a faculty member at the Radical Aliveness Institute as well as at Radical Aliveness Costa Rica. He leads workshops throughout the US and has a private practice in Philadelphia and NYC where he works with individuals and groups. Jonathan also does speaking engagement for various organizations.

Jonathan’s focus is on empowering his clients to realize their full potential and ultimately live the lives they long to live. He is passionate about group work, healing in community and creating inclusiveness for all people and all perspectives to be seen and heard.

Approved practitioner for Radical Aliveness Institute students and students of the New York Institute of Core Energetics.

For more information or to book a session with Jonathan visit:

Nicole Levin, LCSW, CYT

Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples and Family

Private and Group Yoga Classes

Traditional Hatha Yoga Class with Chanting - every Tuesday, 12-1pm, $15 at IOL, Suite 100

Nicole Levin is a licensed clinical social worker and yoga teacher with practice locations at the Institute of Loving in Ardmore, PA and in center city Philadelphia. With over 20 years experience as a psychotherapist, Nicole brings compassion and heart-centered wisdom to her work, helping clients to attain their goals. Among her areas of expertise are anxiety, depression and stress management. In addition to her work as a therapist, Nicole also teaches yoga, plays the harmonium, and leads workshops integrating yoga, breathwork and chanting.

For more information or to book a session with Nicole visit:


Text or Call: (215) 668 - 7277

Her personal website will be launched soon at:

Jade Groff, CNM, LMT

Holistic Pelvic Care including Arvigo Therapy

Plant Medicine Flower Essence Therapy

Pelvic Floor Yoga

Pelvic Steaming Therapy

Journey Dance

Jade Groff is a Momma, Midwife and Healer who moves through life with a reverence for Mother Earth and a commitment to making a positive impact for future generations. Jade alchemizes her knowledge, skills and intuition to facilitate a conscious relationship with body, mind, energy and emotion. She is a medicine woman that brings ancient wisdom and healing practices into our modern day. Jade believes these traditional roots continue to offer us healing and a lifestyle that holds the potential for the greatest health and peace. Jade’s personal and professional journeys have lead her to her studies and offerings in pelvic bodywork modalities for women and all people with female anatomy.

Since 1996, Jade has supported people through the childbearing years with her wealth of knowledge and experience. She has a warm heart and grounded presence that makes those around her feel loved, acknowledged and empowered. She continues to expand her skills into what she brings you today as a Certified Nurse Midwife and a Practitioner of Arvigo® Therapy, Holistic Pelvic Care™ and Plant Medicine. Jade’s career includes over 20 years as a Labor and Postpartum Doula, Registered nurse, Yoga teacher, Flower Essence Practitioner, Herbalist and Healing Bodyworker.

For some people, the need for pelvic bodywork and energy medicine begins after childbirth. For others, it presents at any phase of life. The root cause of someone’s pelvic health concerns or pain may be obvious or mysterious. Jade’s holistic approach supports all levels of symptoms and healing. Attention to the pelvic bowl is a vital part of our well being and health care needs.

Holistic Pelvic Care™ is an internal pelvic bodywork supporting women’s pelvic health. It addresses a wide range of symptoms and concerns. The Arvigo® techniques of Maya abdominal therapy (ATMAT) or Arvigo® Therapy is an external bodywork that addresses the pelvic organs, digestion, alignment of the pelvis and the flow of all bodily fluids and energy. ATMAT sessions includes a full treatment of abdominal and posterior bodywork techniques and instruction for Arvigo® Self Care. Flower essences are used in most sessions. Other therapies that may be recommended are herbal medicine, pelvic steaming, castor oil packs, nutrition, lifestyle guidance, movement practices and rituals.

For more information or to book a session with Jade visit:


Her personal website will be launched soon at:

Zofia Hausman

Sacred Steam Founder and Pelvic Steam Facilitator

Zofia Hausman founded Sacred Steam in 2017 as a way to assist women in treating ailments within the pelvic region of the body. The modality is based upon the ancient healing tradition of sitting over hot water that has been infused with medicinal herbs. As the water breaks open the cellular walls of the plants, their therapeutic properties are released into the steam and travel up the vagina and rectum to this highly vascular region of the body. The actions of steam have a powerful effect and unlike water or surgery are able to penetrate this region on a cellular level. According to various case studies, pelvic steaming improves symptoms in over 90% of all gynecological problems and shows tremendous potential as an alternative to invasive medical procedures.

Zofia offers in-person sessions for individuals, or small groups, with the intention of empowering women to have agency and authority over their body and reclaim ownership of their personal health. Sacred Steam is also a place that can support you in addressing the often neglected emotional and spiritual issues that reside within this sacred area of the body, and allows you the space to reconnect with your womb and listen to her wisdom.

Zofia Hausman is a certified Pelvic Steam Facilitator and studied under the mentorship and training program of Keli Garza - owner of the only known research database on pelvic steaming and the largest distributor of pelvic steam supplies in the U.S. Zofia specializes in menstrual health, HPV, amplifying fertility, postpartum recovery and womb awakening. In addition to steaming she works with medicinal grade essential oils and sound healing tools while in session.

Zofia is also a food justice advocate and co-founded the non-profits GMO Free PA and Citizens for GMO Labeling. She moved to the U.S from the U.K. in 2010 and lives with her husband, two children and rescue cat in the suburbs of Philly. She is committed to building community, overthrowing paradigms and the re-awakening of the Divine Feminine.

For more information or to book a session with Zofia visit:


Call or Text: (610) 608 - 0161

List of Services available at Institute of Loving:

Pelvic Steam Sessions

Pelvic Steam, First session - 1 hour

Comprehensive consultation to assess pelvic health and 15 minute steam session with herbs and medicinal aromatherapy. Includes take home custom steam protocol.

Price: $120


Pelvic Steam, Follow up - 1 hour

15-30 minute steam session, inclusive of herbs, medicinal aromatherapy and relaxation with optional sound healing.

Price: $80


Follow up consultation - 45 mins

Pelvic health analysis and reassessment of custom steam protocol – in person or by phone/video.

Price: $90

Pregnancy Healing Sessions

Womb Healing session - 70 mins

Body disassociation, chronic reproductive issues, painful sex, giving birth and much more is related to trauma experienced in our wombs. Steaming helps to release energy and matter held here and heal your womb space. Working with prayer and intention, blessing of the water and herbs, sound healing and medicinal aromatherapy, these pelvic steam sessions are a gentle way of healing and loving Self back to wholeness and reclaiming your body as your own.

Price: $160


Womb Awakening session - 70 min

Ideal for any feelings of blocked creativity, loss of life-force or disconnection to pleasure and sexuality, these sessions use steaming, sound tools and guided meditation to reawaken your sacral center and reconnect you to the seat of your power.

Price: $160


Amplify your Fertility Plan

Custom steam plan to balance menstrual cycle for optimum conception status and to prepare the uterus to successfully carry a baby. Package includes a 3 month custom steaming protocol, “how to steam" guide, a medicinal herb prescription, steam supply resource list, monthly check-ins and support by email.

Price: $150


Postpartum Recovery Plan

A guided three month journey of restoration that is designed to support you through the "fourth trimester" of pregnancy and beyond. Package includes the first steam facilitated by Zofia at your home, 3 month custom steam protocol, “how to steam" guide, a medicinal herb prescription, steam supply resource list, weekly check-ins and support by email.

Price: $170

Sessions for Woman

Steaming for Peri/Menopause

Peri/Menopause is a time when menstrual imbalances tend to amplify if left untreated. To have the best transition, following a steam protocol will help any period/hormone imbalances and negative side-effects. Package includes a 6 month custom protocol, “how to steam" guide, a medicinal herb prescription, steam supply resource list, monthly check-ins and support by email.

Price: $150


Girl to Young Woman: Rite of Passage Steam - 45 min

This 45 minute session will help young girls on their journey to become a woman thorough a rite of passage steam.

Price: $60


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