Healing Sessions with Siddiqa

Total Body Bliss

This unique and intoxicating 2 hour, body-mind treatment is a wellness experience like no other. 

For over 20 years, Siddiqa has been helping people to feel better, release pain and burden and come into heightened states of joyful awareness using energy re-calibration, deep bodywork, brain balancing, assisted stretching, mindfulness, breathwork techniques and Spiritual Psychology. 

Siddiqa works with over 225 Wisdom of the Earth essential oils and anoints the client with the intention of restoring order on all levels of physical existence.  Sessions are custom tailored to inspire the client to return to their natural state of equanimity and peace-filled power.  Siddiqa begins the treatment with a period of sacred talking, allowing the client's mind to be heard and mental energy to be released.  Spiritual counseling tools are used to assist the individual in freeing themselves from limiting ideas and patterns.  Much of the healing process begins here. 

Once the client has had a chance to share, the session moves onto the massage table, where  Siddiqa uses her unique ability to "hear the wisdom of the body" and intuitively works to release blockages, tightness, areas of  imbalance and pain.  Her hands-on work is deep, intentional and highly tuned in to the client's needs.  She blends 2 decades of bodywork experience, medicinal aromatherapy training plus extensive education in the psychic and intuitive realms into a session that is 100% tailored just for you.  Sessions are transformative on all levels.  

Clients leave feeling aligned with their Higher Self and report profound shifts in energy, mind and body.  The Total Body Bliss Treatment is the ultimate experience in re-calibration, energy clearing, pain relief and re-connection with the Authentic Self.  It is also a wonderful opportunity to work with the heart and Soul of plant and tree essences and learn what essential oils work your body most needs at this time.

Be prepared to enter into the Divine!  


Body-Brain Balancing

During this 60 minute power session, clients receive a physical and energetic tune-up using Wisdom of the Earth essential oils, prayer, bodywork and highly focused attention. 

After a brief consultation, Siddiqa will 'read' the client's body and call in the Masters of Light who work with the individual.  The areas of the body that are most in need of atunement and adjustment will be targeted with specifically chosen essential oils, bodywork techniques and hands-on energy clearing that restore Divine Order and Harmony within the mind and body. 

Clients will leave refreshed, tuned in to their Light and Loving and physically renewed.  This treatment is only for current clients who have already received the 2 hour Total Body Bliss session and is for regular maintenance and emergency tune-ups when you are not feeling on your 'A' game and need a boost.



Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling sessions are a wonderful opportunity to learn how to work your process, receive conscious support and experience the profound inner shifts that occurs when one feels truly heard and seen. 

Siddiqa has a Master of Arts degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing.  She uses heart and Soul-centered techniques and practices to assist you in moving from states of suffering to freedom and liberation. 

Sessions are 1 hour in length and consist of talk therapy, life coaching and meditation.  Plant and tree essences are always on offer to support those who enjoy working with the wisdom of the plants and trees during their sessions.



In-Person Appointment Times
Siddiqa sees clients in person on Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Sundays.  
Phone Session Times
Spiritual Counseling and Medicinal Aromatherapy Consultations are available by phone on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  All phone sessions 1 hour and are $135.
Call or text 484-542-5547 now to schedule!
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