Lighthouse Phone Counsel Sessions 

 Lighthouse phone sessions are 75 minute and cost $155.  

Schedule a session with SIddiqa if you are wanting support with:

  • Spiritual Psychology Counseling
  • Stress relief and coping techniques
  • Shifting your perspective to a higher ground
  • Freeing yourself from unnecessary suffering
  • Accessing your Loving and feeling more joy
  • Essential oil consultation and personalized essence protocols for specific issues
  • Guided meditation to facilitate whatever it is your body and mind most need
  • Creating a sacred ceremony or ritual
  • Stepping into the Light you already are
  • Accountability and taking responsibility for your life
  • A big life decision you desire clarity around

The intention behind these healing sessions are to support you in stepping into the Light that is already YOU!  Siddiqa, using her Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, Consciousness, Health and Healing, along with her 25 years of creating therapeutic and wellness courses, teaching yoga, meditation, energy medicine and medicinal aromatherapy, will lovingly guide you into an expanded state, where you are able to access the wisdom and intuitive abilities within.  You will receive heart-centered, focused attention and be invited to work your process so that you access deeper levels of compassion, insight, release from misinterpretations of reality and enter into a deeper state of loving. 


You can also use these sessions for personalized aromatherapy lessons and receive essential oil protocols to address your individual needs. 


And if you just need a safe and sacred space to go deeper into your truth that is provided as well.  The time is yours to custom tailor to fit your needs.  You tell Siddiqa your intention and she will facilitate a personalized healing session that is meaningful and uplifting.

Sessions are extremely supportive.  You will feel seen, heard and know that you matter.

Call to schedule today!

 Body Bliss Healing Sessions


This 2 hour Body Bliss session is like no other treatment you have ever received! 

Tucked in the woods of Siddiqa's 5 acres in Chadds Ford is a 250 square foot elevated octagon tent-like structure that is fully enclosed with 8 huge screened windows.  The yome is located next to a gentle stream and surrounded by bird-song and trees.  It is truly a magical place where you can unwind and receive Siddiqa's signature bodywork and anointing session.

You will be bathed in pure Wisdom of the Earth essential oils and receive a body and brain tune-up that leaves you feeling energetically cleansed, physically restored to Divine order and lovingly taken care of.  Siddiqa uses a combination of bodywork techniques, energy work and Light code activations plus custom tailors the session with specific essential oils chosen to promote healing and radiant health and well-being.  

Siddiqa sees clients these very special sessions on Wednesdays only.

Energy Exchange:  $225.

Location is Chadds Ford, PA.



This service is for current clients of SIddiqa or friends.  In the comfort and privacy of your own home, Siddiqa will come to you with her 200 Wisdom of the Earth essential oils and give you her signature Body Bliss healing treatment that is comprised of:  physical bodywork techniques, energy work, Light activation, sacred anointing and Spiritual Psychology.

All in-home sessions are 90 minutes.

In order to qualify for this beautiful service you must:

  • be a current client or have an energetic frequency that is in resonance with the work.
  • Have your own massage table and provide your own sheets and blanket.
  • Have a quiet space that is airy and pleasant for Siddiqa to treat you.
  • Have all computers, cell phones and technology turned off during the session.
  • Live within a 25 mile radius of Chadds Ford, PA.
  • Be happy and grateful to have the plant and tree essences brought into your home.
  • Have a free, safe and convenient place for Siddiqa to park.


Siddiqa works with physical touch, Light fields, plant medicine and Spiritual intention for the purpose of clearing unwanted energy from your body and mind, re-connecting you to your wisdom path and tending to your precious body's needs.  

Clients report feeling physically lighter, more open and expanded in how they think and feel, grounded, supported and in touch with joy and hope.  The Body Bliss helps to restore the proper chemistry and flow between head and heart and is extremely supportive to all levels.  

Energy Exchange:  $295

Call or text 484-542-5547 now to schedule Body Bliss!
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