Top 10 Essences & How to Use Them for Healing, Support, and Dealing with Common Issues

Classes & Retreats

Immerse yourself in a renewal of body and mind with these deeply transformative learning and growth opportunities.

If you want to uplevel the quality of your life and feel more content, then check out these offerings.

Non-Denominational Wedding Ceremonies

Welcome to a celebration of love that transcends boundaries.

Your love story is a tapestry woven with shared moments, laughter, and dreams.

My mission is to create a wedding ceremony that reflects your love’s essence, tailored to your beliefs and values, whether spiritual, secular, or a blend of both.

As a non-denominational wedding minister, I specialize in creating heartfelt ceremonies that honor your unique journey and commitment.

Come Back to Your Senses: JUNE 2023

Join master aromatherapists, Siddiqa Salter and John Odlum on THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 2024 for an exciting online SUMMER SOLSTICE essential oil activation and heart blessing!

You will be guided into your very own intuitive center to discover the deeper nuances and healing powers of Lavender NW, Cornmint and Goldenrod.

Learn how these 3 flowering top essences will support you transitioning from Spring to Summer.

Discover how to create a magical portal of expansion using these enchanted wisdom keepers who provide a direct line of heart knowing, straight from Mother Earth to you!

Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapy Training

This course is an outstanding example of aromatherapy experiential learning at its best!

Students absolutely LOVE this class – so much so, that they often come back and take it 2, 3, or 4 more times!

Siddiqa, as one of the Wisdom of the Earth’s most senior teachers, has incredible knowledge and experience with guiding students deeper into the boundless potential of Medicinal Aromatherapy.

Whether you are new to aromatherapy or an advanced practitioner, there is something special here for you!

Divine Abundance Workshop

Accessing the Riches Within!

Join Siddiqa Salter and Maria Ashirah for an 8-week online course to release the burden of financial fears and learn how to access the abundant life you desire.

You’ll be led through a transformational process to assist you in stopping the behaviors that keep you stuck in grasping, unworthiness, fear, and micro-managing the Divine Flow of your life.

As you see the tools and practices each week, you will learn how to prosper and open up to the extraordinary richness available to you around money, relationship, dreams, health, and higher trust in the Divine.

Prana Life Force Series

6-Week Pranayam Breathwork Meditation

Join Siddiqa Salter for this amazing journey into the breath!  Pranayama is the ancient yogic practice of controlling the breath to produce specific positive results in the body and mind.  It is the most beneficial yogic and life practice that exists!  

Class is held on Wednesday evenings 7pm-8:15pm in-person in the courtyard of Live Well Holistic Health Center.

During this 6 week series you will deeply explore your breath; discover the power that comes from pranayama; gain new skills and practices for your home meditations; release stress; connect to your body; experience the bliss that follows a good breath meditation; and discover how working with your breath leads to greater feelings of contentment, mental clarity, physical health, improved sleep and so much more!

God in the Bod Retreat

Join Siddiqa Salter and fellow co-facilitators John Odlum and Cynthia Olivera for an enchanted movement and meditation experience that will help you access finding GOD in your body! 

The retreat is being held at Menla Retreat Center in the beautiful rolling hills of upstate New York.

This is a great opportunity for you to relax, move your body in new ways, quiet your mind, receive healing, plunge into beauty, eat delicious vegetarian food, take nature hikes, rest, laugh and be anointed with the precious medicine of Wisdom of the Earth essential oils.

This is a weekend of magical creation, breath, body and mind explorati0on, sacred anointing, sound-healing, and juicy time of renewal, clarity and joy.

Join the trinity of angels for your weekend getaway into Divine surrender!  If you are in need of some “ME” time and want to work with 3 senior teachers and master aromatherapists in beauty beyond what you can imagine, join us for this wonderful spiritual retreat.

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