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Classes & Retreats

Immerse yourself in a renewal of body and mind with these deeply transformative learning and growth opportunities.

If you want to enjoy being alive and access greater freedom, then these wonderful offerings are for you.

Divine Abundance Workshop

Accessing the Riches Within!

Join Siddiqa Salter and Maria Ashirah for an 8-week online course to release the burden of financial fears and learn how to access the abundant life you desire.

You’ll be led through a transformational process to assist you in stopping the behaviors that keep you stuck in grasping, unworthiness, fear, and micro-managing the Divine Flow of your life.

As you see the tools and practices each week, you will learn how to prosper and open up to the extraordinary richness available to you around money, relationship, dreams, health, and higher trust in the Divine.

Sedona Retreat

Join Siddiqa Salter and Wisdom of the Earth’s Cynthia Olivera for an enchanted retreat of hiking, magical creation, meditation, equinox ceremony, sacred time in Redrock Vortexes, sound-healing, essential oil play, creative movement, and off-the-beaten-path Sedona experiences that will blow your mind and feed your Soul.

This place is like no other on Earth! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the majestic presence of ancient sacred land and extreme beauty!

Emerging as the Light

Accessing the Riches Within!

Emerging as the Light is a life-changing, online 7-month, experiential course of study that guides the student into deeper levels of conscious living.

The program is for heartfelt individuals ready to take responsibility for their lives and upgrade their inner operating systems.

This course teaches how to access Wisdom & Wellness and respond to life with more compassion, creativity, and joy.

This program offers you an avenue into Living Into Grace!

Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapy Training

This course is an outstanding example of aromatherapy experiential learning at its best!

Students absolutely LOVE this class – so much so, that they often come back and take it 2, 3, or 4 more times!

Siddiqa, as one of the Wisdom of the Earth’s most senior teachers, has incredible knowledge and experience with guiding students deeper into the boundless potential of Medicinal Aromatherapy.

Whether you are new to aromatherapy or an advanced practitioner, there is something special here for you!

Beach Retreat

Join Siddiqa for an intimate Ocean City, NJ, wellness retreat to get back in touch with your juicy, refreshed, inspired, and centered self.

For three nights and three days, you will have time to rest deeply, take in the glorious sun, enjoy restorative walks by the ocean, practice yoga on the beach, expand into beautiful sunset meditations and connect with the pleasure of your very own heart.

This will be a carefree and serene few days for you and a friend to unwind, replenish and reconnect with your Authentic and Healthy self.

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