Top 10 Essences & How to Use Them for Healing, Support, and Dealing with Common Issues

Come Back to Your Senses: Spring 2023

Join Siddiqa and master aromatherapist, colleague and friend, John Odlum on March 26th, 2023 for an exciting online experience!

We’ll be taking a new look at 3 amazing essences that will greatly support your body and mind transitioning from winter to spring.

Learn how and why Carrot Seed, Parsley Seed, and Celery Seed are a must-have for this season. Your liver, digestion, blood, and heart will THANK YOU for enrolling in this class!

Come Back to Your Senses is a wonderful learning opportunity for all essential oil lovers, and those of you looking for ways to more deeply trust your body and intuition.

John and I are the original Wisdom of the Earth teachers and together hold 45 years of working deeply with the profound healing abilities of essential oils and the plant and tree kingdom. This is experiential learning where you will leave the workshop feeling confident and excited about receiving from these 3 seed oil megastars!

We will explore their healing benefits, how to effectively work with these 3 seed essences, and establish a firm connection with your intuition and plant connection abilities.