Come Back to Your Senses: 2024

Join master aromatherapists, Siddiqa Salter and John Odlum on THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 2024 for an exciting online SUMMER SOLSTICE essential oil activation and heart blessing!

You will be guided into your very own intuitive center to discover the deeper nuances and healing powers of Lavender NW, Cornmint and Goldenrod.

Learn how these 3 flowering top essences will support you transitioning from Spring to Summer.  

Discover how to create a magical portal of expansion using these enchanted wisdom keepers who provide a direct line of heart knowing, straight from Mother Earth to you! 

Come Back to Your Senses is a wonderful learning opportunity for all essential oil lovers, and those of you looking for ways to more deeply trust your body and intuition.

John and I are the most senior teachers at Wisdom of the Earth and together hold 45 years of aromatherapy experience and deep intimate workings with the plant and tree kingdom. We favor experiential learning so that you leave the workshop confident and more knowledgeable about the 3 featured essences.

Class is held quarterly at the beginning of the upcoming season of Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer.  Each program features 3 essential or nut oils that are highly relevant to the season’s energy and most common imbalances.  During class, you learn why each essence is helpful and how to most effectively work with it over the next 3 months.  You explore the healing benefits, take time to connect with the Soul of the plant or tree the essences come from and develop a stronger relationship with your ability to intuit and connect directly with plant and tree wisdom. 

Classes are always interesting, enlightening and deeply meaningful.