Top 10 Essences & How to Use Them for Healing, Support, and Dealing with Common Issues

Pure unadulterated, high-quality plant and tree essences to help you navigate wellness on every level.

Featured Essential Oil

It is a miracle medicine for winter, with its warm and spicy energy that nourishes the body and mind during cold weather.

Clove bud essential oil has many beneficial properties: anti-fungal, anesthetic (used to numb gums before nova cane!), reduces toothache, relieves nausea and digestive troubles, good for arthritis and pain relief, anti-cancer, balances blood pressure, aids in ear, nose and throat issues, supportive for MS and Parkinson’s disease and is great for increasing energy and circulation.

Spiritually and emotionally, Clove Bud surrounds us with protective light, helps us persevere toward our goals, reminds us to be patient, and open our hearts to C-LOVE.