Top 10 Essences & How to Use Them for Healing, Support, and Dealing with Common Issues

Pure unadulterated, high-quality plant and tree essences to help you navigate wellness on every level.

Featured Essential Oil

Frankincense comes from an ancient tree born in rough desert conditions of the Middle East and Africa. This timeless wonder brings to you gifts of Sacred Remembrance and Divine Connection.

Frankincense is known for its high vibrational attunement and is often used to balance and further ignite the wisdom of the body’s upper chakras or energy centers.

Used for thousands of years to awaken to the Spiritual Truths within and touch God’s Divine Cloak, it has a long-established ability to assist you in ascending to higher ground. It opens the mind to new possibilities and recenters one into Universal Awareness.

On the physical, Frankincense supports the body’s own innate abilities to

  • Boost the Immune System
  • Fight Cancer
  • Reduce Spasms and Pain
  • Heal Bruises
  • Reduce Wrinkles and Sun Damage
  • Improve Brain Functioning
  • Increase One’s Sense of Well-Being
  • Elixir of Life!